An urban fantasy fiction podcast

1.8: Ghosts

3 years ago

Season 1, Episode 8: "Ghosts"

It's time to confront the past and the present if the goal is a better future. The team clashes around important decisions. Liam gets several rude awakenings. And then, things change forever.

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Content warnings:

  • It's another rough one, pals
  • Discussions of the prison industrial complex/imprisonment throughout
  • Discussions of inhumane medical/scientific testing throughout
  • Discussions of abuse from 13:13--that wasn't intentional, oh my god--to the end of the episode
  • Depiction of a panic attack from 19:15 to the end of the episode
  • Discussions of death from 19:15 to the end of the episode


Performances by, in order of appearance:

Special thanks to:

  • Christopher Magilton
  • Gabrielle Watts
  • Jennifer Sugden
  • Michael Hudson
  • Rebecca Sentance
  • Robert Anderson

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